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The care provided by hospices is a crucial component in the management of patients with life-limiting conditions such as cancer, dementia, stroke, heart disease, and respiratory disease. Hospices are well-equipped to provide the necessary care and support to alleviate pain and ensure that patients experience a dignified end-of-life journey. This table provides a breakdown of the primary diagnoses that hospices encountered in calendar year 2020, which serves as a valuable resource when considering which hospice to choose.

It is important that patients and their families consult with their physician when making this decision, as they can provide guidance on the quality of patient care and the significance of the information contained in this table. In the event that you require further clarification, please make use of our chat assistance. Our aim is to provide patients with the highest quality of care in their time of need.

Medical condition

Percent of patients with this condition







Circulatory / Heart Disease


Respiratory disease


Other conditions


General Information

Location of Care

Hospices offer care at a variety of sites, including the patient’s residence, assisted living facilities, residential facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, and inpatient hospice facilities. The table presented here provides information on the hospice agency’s care provision to patients at different locations during the calendar year 2020. However, the absence of data for a particular site does not necessarily mean that the hospice cannot provide care at that site.

When selecting a hospice, patients and caregivers should consider various factors, including the level of care required. The level of care may vary depending on the individual needs of the patient and their caregivers, and hospices that serve a small number of patients may not offer care beyond routine home care. If you are considering a hospice that has not provided care beyond routine home care for three years, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor or hospice representative. For more information on the different levels of hospice care, please use the chat assistance provided below.



Assisted living facility


Nursing facility

Skilled nursing facility

Inpatient hospital facility


Inpatient hospice facility


Other locations


Levels of care provided in calendar years 2018, 2019, and 2020

The following table shows whether a hospice has provided only routine home care to its patients or if the hospice provided both routine home care and at least one other level of care in calendar years 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Provided routine home care only


National average: 4.2%

Provided routine home care and at least one other level of care


National average: 95.8%

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