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Founded in 2017, Kara Health is a tech-enabled homecare company that specializes in end-of-life care. Kara partners with government agencies, health plans, health systems, and physician organizations looking to leverage technology and homecare to improve outcomes for the highest-risk population of patients.

Kara’s mission is to provide great patient care, a great patient experience, and be an invaluable asset to its partners. We believe technology and compassion can address some of the biggest challenges in healthcare, augment patient care delivery, and create sustainable service models.

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Patient's Daughter
Rating: 5

Thank you so much! Your team has been amazing and made my Dad’s last days comfortable which was his main goal. We are very grateful!

Patient's Grandson
Rating: 5

“Our Care Manager is awesome! She was so good for my grandpa. She came in and asked, ‘So, what can we do today?’ Really appreciate everything she did for us!”

Tony Baron + Family
Rating: 5

“Without you guys we would’ve been lost. I appreciate everything y’all did for my Dad and continue to do for my family. Everyone played a vital role and we are forever indebted to y’all. Million thanks.”



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, family members and friends play an important role in hospice care. They are often involved in decision making, providing emotional support, and assisting with caregiving tasks. Hospice care teams will work closely with family members and friends to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

No, if the patient’s condition improves and they no longer meet the criteria for hospice care, they will no longer be eligible for hospice services. If their condition improves, they may be discharged from hospice and their care will be transitioned back to their primary care physician.

Most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, cover hospice care. You can check with your, your family member, or your patient’s insurance provider to determine the specific coverage and out-of-pocket costs. Some hospice programs may also provide services on a sliding fee scale, based on the individual’s ability to pay.

Yes, if you or your loved one is not satisfied with the care they are receiving, they have the right to change hospice providers. It’s important to communicate any concerns you have with the current hospice provider and, if necessary, work with your loved one’s primary care physician to find a new provider that better meets their needs.